Momo's Yoga in the Car Classes are Taught in the Back of an SUV

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: app.myzaker & shanghaiist
Although having ample space to move and breathe is often seen as a crucial part of a yoga practice, one woman from China aims to make the activity more accessible to all by offering yoga-in-the-car classes.

Momo from Chongqing operates classes out of the back of an SUV, which provides a surprisingly generous amount of space for the instructor and one student during an intimate one-on-one session.

Now that the healthy living movement has become widespread, many people are looking for novel experiences to make age-old wellness remedies more exciting and better suited to modern life. In a similar concept to the classes Momo operates out of her SUV, Hot Pod Yoga runs an inflatable mobile studio that also accommodates an intimate group.