From Posture-Correcting Apparel to Hangover-Reducing Beverages

 - Nov 23, 2016
These pain prevention innovations range from spine-supporting backpacks to organic citrus beverages that prevent hangovers while keeping drinkers refreshed. When examining the long list of products that help users achieve correct posture or have better back and neck support, standouts include airline pillows that reduce the tension and stiffness that is often associated with sitting for long periods of time.

Other notable examples range from foam-constructed mattresses and even maternity pillows that ensure the highest level of comfort for expectant mothers. When examining top innovations in the realm of fitness, pain prevention innovations to take note of include blister-preventing socks and stabilizing leg sleeves that are ideal for runners or hikers. Furthermore, products like cramp-preventing electrolyte packs work as a quick and simple remedy for incoming muscle tension and pains associated with the female menstruation cycle.