The Tru-Align Body System Claims To Correct Posture and Back Problems

 - Jun 15, 2016
References: wsj & kacelia
With most people working over laptops and computers all day, posture and back problems are at an all-time high. Health and wellness company Kacelia created the Tru-Align Body System, which aims to correct those issues.

Described as a "holistic, self-care treatment system," the body system comes with a variety of adjustable cushions that support the body. The user is supposed to lay face-down on top of the system for up to 20 minutes a day to relieve common posture and back problems. Some of the issues this product aims to relieve include groin stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulder, jaw and back. It also claims to reduce "headaches, sinus pressure, pinched nerves, disc problems, sciatica, depression, low energy and trouble sleeping."

For people who find that they face many postural problems, this product would be a relaxing one to test out.