- Aug 29, 2017
These examples of modular dorm decor are ideal for small student spaces with a limited square footage. Designed with versatility in mind, the furniture pieces, storage solutions, and accessories make dorm customization easy, and offer multifunctional elements that traditional home products don't.

Standouts include adult bean bag chairs that are both comfortable and lightweight, along with interchangeable wall shelves that make personalization easier than ever. The Artifox 'SHELF' boasts a customizable design that is ideal for students sharing a living space. Additionally, the wall-hung unit takes up a minimal amount of space, and is perfect for small items like sentimental objects, books, and decorative trinkets.

When looking at modular furniture, these student space essentials include space-saving sofa alternatives, along with foldable desks that can be stored easily when not in use.

These Home Accessories are Ideal for Small Student Spaces: