The Bookniture Transforms from a Sturdy Seat to Novel with Simple Folding

As consumers seek for flat pack furniture solutions for small spaces and layouts, the Bookniture is a convenient store away sturdy seat design that can easily be folded up into a book when not in use. The book is made out of a series of corrugated cardboard folds that come together to create a hexagonal base that supports a sitting person. When not in use, the seat folds up into a thin book for easy storage.

The Bookniture is a modern take on a traditional chair, offering consumers a quick place to sit without taking too much room that can be folded within seconds and put to use. The furniture piece is available in a variety of colors such as red, black and brown to suit various decors. The Bookniture can also be used as an ottomon, table or stool as well thanks to its minimalist, yet multifunctional, design.

Urban consumers are actively looking for furniture pieces that offer reliable functionality, but can as easily be stored away to save on space.