From Hug-Giving Sofas to Mesh Geometric Shelving

 - Mar 18, 2016
These March 2016 furniture trends range from minimalist mesh shelves to cozy sofas that are actually designed to mimic a human embrace. The month's most notable standouts include office furnishings that promote calmness and relaxation. Busy professionals can often feel stress and strain after a long work week and examples like relaxing work station chairs, meditative seating and standing modular desks address this common concern.

While office furniture is becoming more comfortable and ergonomic overall, the month's residential innovations include modular cushion furnishings that users can easily personalize. Furthermore, iridescent acrylic chairs act as a whimsical decor accent while providing a surprising level of comfort for users with an appreciation for furniture that is both bold and practical.

Fashion-forward dog beds, Italian scooter chairs and romantic storage units round out this list of March 2016 furniture examples that promote experimentation and creativity rather than subtlety.