The Immersit Couch Accessory Add Vibrations to the Viewing Experience

 - Feb 11, 2016
References: kickstarter & geek
The Immersit are digital and tech-savvy couch accessory that is engineered to offer another dynamic level to the consumer's viewing experience with added touch. The sofas are engineered to vibrate and move along with the films, television shows and media that is being played to offer a more immersive experience that transports the viewers directly into the cinematic universes.

Going beyond the functions of a traditional couch, the Immersit is an added plug and play gadget that hooks up to the underneath area of the soda. The device sends patterned pulsations to the sitters through vibrations that mimic the action taking place on the screen. This can range from movements such as swaying side to side, moving up and down, heaves and pitches. Immersit is also compatible with video gaming experiences.