From Repurposed Slat Shelving to DIY Chunky Knit Pet Beds

 - Dec 20, 2016
People on limited budgets, or those who enjoy making things with their own hands will likely benefit from these DIY furniture ideas. Whether they are as simple as using an item designated for one purpose towards another purpose, or creating something from scratch -- DIY projects can change the way homes look in a way that is creative and distinct.

Many people have owned an IKEA bed at some point in their lives and for anyone who happens to have leftover slats from their beds, they can transform those slats for another function. By simply hanging the slats up on a wall, homeowners can use them as shelving for books, purses, clothes, towels and kitchen utensils.

Ohhio Braid offers a yarn that is two inches thick -- much more so than the ones used for traditional knitting projects. With this yarn, knitters are able to make warm and functional pet beds for cats or small dogs -- ensuring their comfort while also adding to the design of the home.