The Playful IMM LivingInteriors Pavilion is by i29 and Frame

 - Feb 8, 2016
The IMM LivingInteriors Pavilion by i29, Kamer 465 and Frame Magazine is an immersive exploration of innovative interior design projects that challenges convention regarding what such a showcase should look and feel like. The IMM LivingInteriors Pavilion highlights the best from leading manufacturers of wall-coverings and flooring.

i29 is an Amsterdam-based architecture firm, while Frame is one of the world's top interior design magazines. Designers and firms with works highlight at the IMM LivingInteriors Pavilion include Heleen Blanken, Dirk van der Kooij and Diederik Schneemann, as well as Zurich-based Studio Hannes Wettstein. Brands present at the Pavilion, which is located in Cologne, Germany, include Linetloo, Spectrum, Smow and Menu. The immersive experiential way of shopping furniture is sure to be a hit with consumers.