This Folding Stool is Infused with Multi-Functional Features

 - Jun 8, 2016
References: & yankodesign
London-based product designer Emre Kayganaci created a folding stool with a minimalist and highly versatile structure.

Dubbed the 'XX Stool,' the furniture piece doubles as a side table that's equipped with slots to conveniently store magazines and can be compacted down to the size of dinner plate. With this design, the folding stool is perfect for consumers who frequently move as well as those looking for mobile furniture pieces to take along on trips. As the triangular surfaces are added to both the top and bottom of the XX Stool, it offers durable support as its legs are surrounded by the sturdy structural components. This helps the stool from getting caught on things or opening up during transport as well, meaning that it can easily be stowed in a backpack to provide seating wherever needed.