MERCY's Canned Citrus Drink from makes Mornings Easier After a Night Out

 - Sep 9, 2014
References: ahalife & ahalife
This hangover prevention drink from MERCY makes mornings after a night of drinking more bearable. Founded by Dave Shor, MERCY aims to prevent a hangover long before you've began the drinking process.

When examining the unfavorable event from a chemical perspective, one can see that hangovers are hard to prevent once they have started. Because of this, MERCY's canned citrus drink aims to change your morning outcome with a product that is enriched with Glutahione.

This antioxidant breaks down the build-up of acetaldehyde--a toxic bi-product of alcohol--within one's body, thus preventing the headaches and sickness often associated with mornings after a night of partying. MERCY's hangover prevention drink is not only delicious but is also only 60 calories. The product contains no caffeine and is sweetened with natural sugars.