From Seasonal Superfood Drinks to Fruity Fortified Milk

 - Nov 25, 2015
The modern consumer maintains a busier-than-ever lifestyle that can lead to a decrease in nutrients via the food they consume while on the go, which has led to the further development of fortification in beverages to include everything from fortified milk, to enriched waters. Here, we see a collection of ideas that places consumer preference for delicious, drinkable nutrients at the forefront.

Fortification isn't necessarily a new concept, but the way that brands are incorporating micronutrients into beverages like teas, juices and milks is paving the way towards a market where a days worth of nutrients can be consumed through a simple packaged beverage. Whether through fortified milk or nutrient-enriched waters, the movement towards simplicity with regard to nutrition by way of fortification is becoming a mainstay in the modern CPG world.