Good Karma's Flax Milk is Enriched with Protein

 - Nov 18, 2015
References: eatclean & goodkarmafoods
As people are embracing a health-conscious mindset and incorporating plant-based eating into their diets, the market for non-dairy alternatives like almond, coconut, cashew and flax milk is booming.

Good Karma takes an inventive approach to its Flax Milk products. Unlike many alternative milks that miss out on the essential proteins and fibers for satiety, Good Karma's Protein+ Flaxmilk range is fortified with pea protein isolate to provide about five grams of protein per one cup. These protein-rich flax milks are offered in both Original and Vanilla flavors, which are also made without the use of any lactose, gluten and soy.

With many people making concerted efforts to cut out dairy or reduce their intake in favor of plant-based alternatives, a number of dairy-free yogurts, ice cream and milk products are now becoming common in mainstream grocery stores.