Jeju 16 Water is Naturally Purified Through Layers of Volcanic Rock

 - Jun 23, 2015
References: sixteenwater & bevindustry
At a first glance, Jeju 16 might seem like an ordinary drink, but this enriched water is way above and beyond an average bottle of water.

Jeju 16 gets its name from having the water filtered through 16 layers of volcanic bedrock before it is bottled. This process naturally purifies the water, without stripping it of any essential minerals while doing so. Naturally, the bottled water contains a pH value of 7.7, which makes it slightly alkaline and useful for readjusting acidity levels in the body.

Now that many brands are taking steps to cut out artificial additives and preservatives, and sugar-laden drinks are becoming vilified, water is being reintroduced to consumers with natural flavors and enriched health benefits from vitamins and minerals.