These Sports Socks Feature a Silicone Pad That Protects the Foot

 - Feb 5, 2016
References: metasports
'MetaSox' is a line of performance-enhancing sports socks with a small silicone pad for protecting the foot from injury. While athletes put a lot of thought into the gear they wear, this does not usually include their hosiery. Now this is a line of socks designed to help athletes up their game and guard against injury.

MetaSox differs from regular socks due to its silicone pad that protects against injury to the metatarsal region. This is important for soccer players who risk significant injury to their feet. In addition, the socks are also designed to help boost performance on the field by providing extended contact period with the ball, improving accuracy and supplying additional striking power.

The unique design of these athletic sock represents a new way for brands to approach sportswear.