This Clever Device is Set to Revolutionize the Way We Move Vaccines

'VAXXWAGON' is a vaccine transportation system that ensures medicine stays at its requisite temperature throughout the duration of a trip abroad. In many parts of the world, vaccines go unused because they lose their potency over the course of long transportation periods. This new system helps to overcome some of the logistical challenges involved in transporting inoculations.

The new vaccine transportation system was designed by 15-year-old inventor, Anurudh Ganesan. Ganesan's system is composed of a high-tech vapor compression refrigeration unit that requires very little power to operate. The VAXXWAGON system is designed to maintain an internal temperature that falls in the range of two to eight degrees Celsius. This innovative refrigeration unit helps to ensure that the medicine inside will maintain its potency for the duration of a trip.

While VAXXWAGON is currently just a prototype, the life-saving system may help to prevent the 1.5 million annual deaths associated with a lack of access to inoculations.