The Rocket Speedster Features a Slinky Open-Top Design

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: galpinrocket & gizmag
The Rocket Speedster is a 725-horsepower machine that is completely custom-bodied. This vehicle was designed by Galpin Auto Sports and Henrik Fisker, and will be made available to a very limited number of customers looking for a unique and powerful kind of Ford Mustang convertible.

This vehicle features refreshed engineering and styling based off the original Rocket, with a body-colored carbon fiber cover sitting atop the top and rear seats. This design gives the vehicle a very different look from the Mustang Convertible factory model.

The Rocket Speedster is just a concept at this time, although a small number of units are expected to be sold to buyers and to select dealers around the world. At a price of $109,100 this vehicle offers an unbeatable mix of road performance and straight-up style points.