This Recumbent Trike Lets You Pedal and Row Simultaneously

 - Aug 28, 2015
References: & gizmag
The Ruder Trike is an innovative recumbent trike, developed by awesomely named German company Ruder-Rad, that allows for highly stable, comfortable and fun four-limbed movement.

Now many bicycles have already tried to provide riders with more of a workout as well as more power by giving the option of pedaling with both their arms and their legs. However, the two-wheel shape isn't stable enough for a four-limbed movement, which is where the Ruder Trike comes in.

Rather than requiring the rider to carry out an awkward, circular arm-cranking motion, the Ruder recumbent trike allows users to 'row' the handlebar column in and out whilst pedaling their legs at the same time -- although the rider also has the option of either rowing or pedaling only.

This trike is innovative due to the fact that it provides riders with more power and a better workout without compromising on stability.