This Sensor Light Adjusts Beam Intensity to Suit Your Surroundings

 - Aug 11, 2015
The Road Trace Sensor Light is an extraordinary bicycle light, developed by Doppelganger, that changes the intensity of its light based on the level of light in the cyclist's surroundings. This gadget detects surrounding light -- whether it be natural light, street lights or the light emitted by other vehicles -- and then continually and automatically adjusts the intensity of its own beam. This ensures that riders never need to be worried about having a clear view as they always will, regarding of the environment. This allows you to focus on riding your bike rather than stressing out about whether you can see where you're going.

The light is equipped with a special Auto Dimming Control sensor which proactively gathers data on environmental brightness in the area in front of your bicycle, before outputting an ideal amount of light precisely. The light is optimized to surrounding light conditions, unlike regular bicycle lights that can sometimes be blindingly bright when less brightness would be sufficient, or can come up short in very dark conditions. That becomes a non-issue when you use the Road Trace Sensor Light, which adjusts light intensity so you can focus on enjoying your ride and getting to your destination safe and sound.

Indeed the Road Trace Sensor Light's light intensity changes in such a subtle manner that you won't even notice it. This may be the most surprising and remarkable feature of the product. When riding from a busy, well-lit street to a poorly lit side-road for example, the light smoothly and swiftly transitions to a higher intensity beam. It's important to note that this change is very subtle -- it ensures that the rider is not distracted and their attention isn't compromised, and that passersby and other motorists are not bothered or hampered in any way.

You really forget that you even have the light on, and you start to feel as if you just happen to have perfect road lighting all the time. The mark of truly great lifestyle technology is that you forget that it's there and simply enjoy its benefits, and the Road Trace Sensor Light is a fabulous example of that. It's as easy to install as any regular bicycle light, but it ensures that the path in front of you is always well lit without distracting you or other cyclists and motorists. This light is a revolutionary product, and given its ease of use and utility, it's safe to say that this technology will catch on among cyclists in both urban and other environments.

Once you use the Road Trace Sensor Light, you'll ask yourself how and why you ever made do with regular, non-flexible bike lights. That is the perfect testament to this product, which feels a real need and improves your safety and convenience without being intrusive in any way.