This Frequent-Flyer Program Allows Members to Book a Seat on a Private Jet

Travelers who belong to Delta's frequent-flyer program now have the opportunity to book a seat on a private jet. In recent years, many airlines have begun offering higher-end perks and amenities to frequent flyers. However, Delta's latest offer gives passengers an unprecedented kind of reward.

The new upgrade program is open to members who have achieved 'medallion' status in Delta’s SkyMiles frequent-flyer program. These high-profile customers will be able to upgrade from a commercial flight to a private jet. These private flights will largely be focused on Delta's East Coast hubs. The new upgrade is ideal for business travelers who are less price-conscious because they primarily book on a company credit card.

The luxurious upgrade reflects a shift in the airline industry towards differentiating air travel for business men and women. Because corporate travelers are the most profitable customers, airlines are increasingly looking for new ways to retain these passengers.