This Moët & Chandon Floating Bar is Shaped like a Tube with Gold Accents

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: luxurylaunches & luxurylaunches
This elegant Moët & Chandon floating bar is designed to resemble a striped inner tube that is covered with a table-like platform. The luxury Champagne Bar embodies the sophistication of the Moët & Chandon brand. Each of the company's floating bars is a silky white color and is adorned with golden stripes.

This bar was designed to honor and celebrate the release of 'Moët Ice Impérial.' This particular champagne is specifically made to be served over ice. With this in mind, the brand took it a step further and created a bar which allows the beverage to be served over water -- physically speaking.

The recommended recipe for this lavish new champagne is to be served in a Cabernet glass with three ice cubes. The fruity drink is a tribute to summer and emphasizes the enjoyment of lounging around the water while sipping a cool drink on a hot day.