This Coffee Branding Boasts Poetic, Dreamy Typography

 - Jul 31, 2015
Malt coffee brand Bueno de Alegoría boasts delightful, whimsical branding created by Chapter agency. The brand is based in Monterrey, Mexico and is infused with a mysterious sense of wonder afforded by the carefree font and plethora of greenery in the promotional images.

Almost every piece in the packaging range is made from a different material, adding a sensorial element to the overall branding scheme. Included in the selection by Chapter is a glass cold brew bottle, paper and plastic coffee bean pouches, an aluminum tin and paper business cards.

Notably, Bueno de Alegoría is billed as the first specialty coffee brand in Mexico. Accordingly, the new brand's visual identity is designed to entice and present allure to consumers in order to highlight the difference between the product and regular coffee.