These Judex Chips are Packaged in Rustic Wheat-Decorated Bags

 - Aug 26, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
'TANDEM' studio created the Judex chip packages, which feature a rustic tone of wholesome flavors and organic products. This wholesome line of chips is packaged in light brown bags that are decorated with real images of the ingredients.

The bags each feature pieces of wheat, whole vegetables and an image of a bowl that is filled with the actual chips. These delicious-looking bags incorporate real images to showcase the wholesome flavors contained inside each bag. Each image used looks as though it was picked fresh from the farm.

The Judex packaging is simple and contains only a few pops of color; the only coloring is seen in the vibrant vegetables as well as the boarder that runs across the bottom and top of each bag. The border is a playful geometric design that combines two colors such as red and yellow or green and white.