Mostowski Delikatesy's Brand Identity Boasts Playful Grocery Illustrations

 - Aug 25, 2015
German designer Adam Banaszek created this brand identity for Mostowski Delikatesy, a Berlin-based bakery and deli that specializes in fresh and local food items. Using playful grocery illustrations -- the designer's logo for Mostowski Delikatesy is made up of a bread, milk and eggs doodle -- Banaszek creates a playful and engaging design for the bakery's products and promotional materials.

From the deli's outdoor signage to its recyclable bags, this brand identity is not only artistic but also doesn't take itself too seriously. Borrowing from modern art icons like Keith Haring, Adam Banaszek translates this bakery's brand vision through food illustrations that are simplified to resemble minimalist doodles. The drawings are not only engaging but are also memorable and visually pleasing.