This Stylish Milk Packaging for MILKO Brand is Perfectly Modern

 - Aug 10, 2015
This range of stylish milk bottle designs was created by WaldemarArt for the MILKO brand. MILKO is a line of premium dairy products in Europe that needed a packaging identity as specific and high quality as the brand's signature range. The bottles in the design range are reusable.

In an intriguing move, included in the design range is a single-use aluminum can approximately the size of a Red Bull can. Additionally, the designs include several glass bottles with stoppers. The bottles and can feature the brand name and fat percentage in a dark red, gold-tinged color in a sans serif, all-caps font. Based on images of purity and elegance, the design solution adequately communicates the product's "super-premium" placement and is a decidedly more stylish milk consumption experience.