The Branding for Hoptical Illusion Uses 3D Holographic Film

 - Aug 17, 2015
References: bluepointbrewing & packagingoftheworld
The EGC Group created these psychedelic beer boxes for Blue Point Brewing Company's Hoptical Illusion brews. These artistic beer boxes feature the brand's simple logo surrounded by swirling colors and abstract shapes. Among the colors are bright yellow, orange and red.

The holographic package for this beer was made using printing technology called "Cast & Cure." The style of print allows images, shapes and colors to be printed with 3D holographic film. The end effect is an eye-catching display of elements that appear to be moving. The entire box is infused with carnival-themed colors and fantasy-inspired movement.

The Hoptical Illusion IPA beers are a classic brew packaged in a technologically advanced box. The combination of a classic beer in a modern package provides consumers with a sense excitement and comfort at the same time.