Kromka Polish Bakery's Brand Identity Highlights Vivid Typography

 - Aug 24, 2015
Polish designer Sebastian Bednarek created Kromka Polish Bakery's brand identity -- a project that relies on monogrammed and rustic elements. Inspired by homemade and traditional recipes, the Polish bakery creates quality bread products that are offered to a market of English-speaking consumers.

Opened in the heart of London, the bakery marries contemporary design details with traditional bread recipes and translates its authentic vision through monogrammed wrappers and packages -- each adorned with a signature "K" print -- as well as paper menus, business cards and other promotional materials that also bear the typographical branding.

In addition to its authentic breads, Kromka Polish Bakery also offers custom cakes, pastries and other tasty creations that will appeal to carb lovers with an appreciation for authenticity.