Moreish is a Luxury Skincare Range from New Zealand

 - Aug 14, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
Moreish is a New Zealand-based luxury skincare brand that recently rebranded to appeal to the upscale department store consumer. Previously, Moreish's branding had largely centered around the formula of the product range, which predominantly featured argan oil and its Moroccan origin, and thus stuck to a largely pharmaceutical aesthetic.

The new visual identity for Moreish has repositioned the product range as "superfood for the skin," the official new tagline that appears on each package. The packaging is in Tiffany and Co pale blue that is complemented by strips of ethereal high-resolution photos of feminine imagery.

The reimagined branding scheme for Moreish speaks to the strong growth showcased in the luxury beauty market and the insistence of consumers in purchasing credible, natural skincare products.