This South African Bread Branding Features Traditional Art Motifs

 - Aug 25, 2015
Almari Carosini's brand identity for South African bread company Born and Bread incorporates traditional art motifs. The designer created these flexible bread bags with visual appeal in mind and marketed Born and Bread's varying flavor types with different color combinations -- including hot pink, gold and deep purple.

Remixing tradition, this South African bread packaging features the same versatile and flexible design as rival brands but opts of eye-catching graphics that are much more intriguing than traditional food labels. Boasting ornate elements, these graphics borrow from traditional African art motifs and are accented with geometric shapes.

The shapes featured on each bag correspond to varying flavors and grain types that are signature to Born and Bread. Consumers trying this product for the first time will be captivated by its packaging and graphics that pay tribute to cultural works of art.