BOL is a Brand of Authentic, Travel-Inspired Veggie and Noodle Pots

 - Aug 7, 2015
References: packagingoftheworld
BOL is a British brand of vegetable and noodle pots that is positioning itself as an authentic and modern pre-made meal option. Boasting the tagline "the world in a bowl," BOL's logo includes a smiling mouth and tongue in the 'O' of the brand name.

Following Innocent brand's departure from food production, the team that had previously been working on the veggie and noodle pots tapped B&B Studio in order to collaborate on building a global brand around the concept.

Conceived around the concept of the traveler, the brand features a variety of flavors in mild, spicy and vegetarian categories. Flavors include Mexican sweet potato chilli, Thai coconut curry, super quinoa squash, Japanese miso soba, Kyoto curry ramen and Provencal grilled vegetables.