Target Redesigned its Store Layouts to Decrease Gender Stereotyping

 - Aug 13, 2015
References: & io9
Target is taking the reigns on reducing gender stereotyping for children by eliminating gender-specific signage in stores. Things like toys and bedding will be advertised as gender-neutral. The signifying colors of pink or blue will be removed from the back walls of shelving units, and overhanging signs will suggest "for kids" instead of "for girls" or "for boys".

This advertising move will reduce gender stigmatization for kids who want to play with all kinds of toys. Instead of perceiving a toy as "meant for boys," parents and children will be more inclined to purchase items that were previously marketed to only one gender.

As stores change their layouts to embrace gender-neutral advertising, it's only a matter of time before manufacturing companies like Hasbro or Fisher Price do the same with their products, eliminating gender stereotyping from play.