From Unisex Fashion Boutiques to Athletic Vending Machines

 - Jul 30, 2015
These genderless retail innovations reject common masculine and feminine stereotypes and connect consumers through common interests rather than through elements that are gender-specific.

While the concept of unisex fashion retail may not be a new one, emerging labels are not the only ones adapting this bold vision to their business model -- heritage department store Selfridges made headlines recently after opening two levels of genderless retail space at its London flagship boutique.

In addition to fashion businesses, food and beverage retailers are also embracing genderless marketing practices. By launching ventures like cyclist community cafes, organic grocery stores and vegan cheese shops, food and beverage brands are recruiting patrons by appealing to their niche interests. These retail concepts appeal to consumers' core values and replace gender-specific branding with marketing that conveys a greater sense of community.