The Aesop Frankfurt Boutique Was Designed by Philipp Mainzer

 - Jul 16, 2015
The fifth outpost of the cult cosmetics brand in Germany, the Aesop Frankfurt store stays true to tradition in highlighting the brand's aesthetic while referencing local history through design. Designed by Philipp Mainzer, the shop boasts a matte grey floor tiles that recall the salt-glazed stoneware ceramic the region is known for.

The walls of the Aesop Frankfurt boutique features calming green-hued walls and wood-paneled raw brass sinks on an island partition. The product is showcased on typically organized shelving throughout the space that are gently back-lit.

Overall, the natural aesthetic that the Frankfurt boutique adheres to various patterns observed in many of their other boutiques while putting their own localized spin on it. This regional specification speaks to the consumer interest in supporting local and generally conscious brands.