This Elegant Box Holds Tea Bow's Products and Unwrapped Teabags

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
Designer Krneta Dragana created this elegant wooden box for Tea Bow that is designed to hold individual packets of tea. The wooden tea box is able to house multiple teabags without having to individually wrap them.

These light-colored wood boxes are clean and elegant, featuring little ornamentation and no added paint. The boxes only feature subtle text that promotes Tea Bow's signature branding. Each rectangular box face is adorned with Tea Bow signage along with tea flavors and dotted icons. Each icon is specific for each flavor -- for example decaf pomegranate red tea is represented with a deep red color and a dot-designed infinity icon.

Each box can be purchased with 16 teabags inside. The wooden packaging is designed to store multiple teabags while maintaining their full flavor and aromatic appeal.