From Stylish Nursing Sleepwear to Multifaceted Maternity Bras

 - Nov 19, 2015
These maternity wear innovations demonstrate that many expectant mothers are looking for more than just comfortable apparel. Today's modern mother values versatility just as much as a stylish, easy-to-wear garment.

In order to acknowledge that familiar routines to not stop for many active women during pregnancy, fashion is beginning to fuse maternity and lifestyle categories. This is exemplified in Bravado Designs' Yoga Nursing Bra, as well as the Bump & Run line of golfing apparel for expectant mothers.

Since investing in an all-new maternity wardrobe can be costly, women are looking for pieces that can make the transition from pregnancy to postpartum. Cake Maternity's Rock Candy bra was designed with this in mind, featuring a flexible design that will support a pregnant women through to nursing.