- Jan 3, 2015
Nostalgic imagery is the main inspiration behind these 2014 fashion trends. The year's most beloved wardrobe staples included 90s-themed grunge and varsity styles that made a major impact on a millennial generation of consumers.

Exuding an effortlessly cool aesthetic, the season's ready-to-wear styles blended craftsmanship and design with comfort. Practical styles became synonymous with high fashion as luxe sportswear took the title as one of its most popular points of view.

A revival of the varsity jacket made the sportswear essential a must-have in both men's and women's wardrobes while athletic sneakers became the majority's shoe of choice for everyday wear.

Sportswear's redirection and versatility made it the season's most influential style pattern. In addition to athletic apparel, these 2014 fashion trends also included nostalgic street style collections that were inspired by hip hop culture.

Moreover, opulent accessories made up for the year's more understated wardrobe staples and ranged from Grecian motif rings to Egyptian leg adornments.

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From Nostalgic 90s Streetwear to Luxe Athleticwear Runways: