The Aime Leon Dore Clothing Line is a High End Take on Urban Apparel

The debut New York clothing line Aime Leon Dore has a street-meets-high-fashion style. The Aime Leon Dore men’s clothing line features hoodie-like blazers and wide-brimmed men’s hats. The new clothing line is an obvious fusion of urban street style and classy couture staples. The mix of both fashion styles is brilliant for men who want to look classy but causal simultaneously. The crisp, clean, neutral-colored apparel is easily paired and layered.

The Aime Leon Dore clothing line pays incredible attention to detail from the stitching to the pocket lining. The blazers, dress shirts and hats can be worn casually or in a business casual manner. The online Aime Leon Core store offers crisp, minimalist style options and combinations for ready-to-wear clothing. Men can enjoy wearing a classy blazer but feel like their wearing a comfortable hoodie. Pair the blazer with a beanie for a casual look, or a wide-brimmed hat for classier appeal.