- Jan 3, 2015
Graffiti is an art form and a mode of expression that has been around in times immemorial and continues to go strong as is demonstrated in this collection of the top 2014 graffiti trends . 2014 has seen a fascinating expansion in the kinds of surfaces used by graffiti artists to ply their trade and spread their unique messages.

Perhaps the most telling graffiti trend of 2014 has been the infiltration of Internet and social media references and elements into street art. Things usually considered the realm of the Internet, such as GIF animations and viral memes, are increasingly being incorporated into wall murals and other forms of graffiti.

Graffiti artists are also pushing the boundaries with regards to the canvases they work on, with everything from clothing, socks, shoes and mirrors now fair game in addition to traditional wall graffiti.

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From Railroad Street Art to GIF Street Art: