Artists Tayfun Sarier and Guus Ter Beek Decorated the Streets of London With Gifs

 - Jul 30, 2014
References: in-return & designtaxi
The artistic duo In Return, made up of Tayfun Sarier and Guus Ter Beek, took to the streets of bustling London armed not with spray cans, but gifs. Their project 'Gifs Gone Wild' involved decorating the streets of the famous British city with artwork from the likes of Dain Fagerholm and Davidope.

The digitized street art were featured in frames and prominently placed on garbage cans, bus stops, mail boxes and other public spaces. Driven by disruptive innovation, In Return created the animated installations to show how the online world of gifs have a very tangible role in real life.

Previous installations from Tayfun Sarier and Guus Ter Beek included a project called Street Eraser which included Adobe Photoshop-inspired street art.