The 1984 Sarajevo Olympic Venue Photos are Hauntingly Beautiful

 - Feb 19, 2014
References: imgur & viralforest
The 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics are long over, but the abandoned venue photos from imgur user borno23 are haunting. The beautiful city of Sarajevo is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and surrounded by luscious, grassy mountains.

The 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics took place in a fully functioning venue that was once equipped with ski lifts and medal podiums. The photos series captures what the venue looks like now. It looks like an eerie, hauntingly beautiful Olympic infrastructure corpse. After many years of decay, and as the region was torn by bitter years of war, the structure stands as a visual reminder of what once was a glorious time.

The photo series captures a torn up judges' tower, an overgrown ski jump with the ski lift still in tacked, and a crumbling hotel where Olympians from all around the world stayed. 

In light of the Sochi 2014 Olympics, the captivating photos make one realize how quickly time changes. Who knows what the Sochi Olympic venue will look like a few decades from now.