- Sep 29, 2012
This past Thursday marked the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, and it was a dark, deadly and twisted start to the ninth season of the popular hospital TV drama. I won't give away any spoilers in case you have yet to watch the episode, but I will show you some of the hottest and most innovative things going on in the hospital industry today.

Whether it is the latest in hospital attire, the newest architectural hospital designs or new and exciting advancements in modern medical technology, it is always exciting to see the new ways doctors are getting people healthy and saving lives.

There are literally a multitude of new medical breakthroughs coming out, from Robo Nurses to heart-starting vests and even self-healing bone machines. I wonder if they will showcase any of the above products in the next episode of Grey's Anatomy?

Celebrate the Grey's Anatomy Season Premiere with These Prod: