The Smart Consulting Service Helps Patients Admit Themselves into Hospital

 - Aug 8, 2012
References: arthurkenzo & tuvie
Airports are already letting citizens pass customs with self-checkups at high-tech border booths. The Smart Consulting Service has something in common with this system, but in this case by allowing the general public to register themselves for appointments in hospitals and doctors' offices.

Arthur Kenzo's invention replaces the need for high numbers of triage nurses on staff. This machine takes care of administration and, to an extent, diagnoses. A patient can approach the cutting-edge clinical stand, scan his health card, place his hands down on the sensored surface and be guided through the process of admission.

A series of questions can be answered easily by the Smart Consulting Service user through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Most communication is even carried out by the video image of a medical professional. The sophisticated machine can asses your vital signs and symptoms on its own as well and deliver all of your information to the doctor who will see you.