From Wearble Infant Devices to Smart Sock Baby Monitors

 - Feb 6, 2014
Baby monitors have wandered into the smart tech world of tasteful gadgets and come out more modernized and efficient.

These new-fashioned baby monitors are the perfect gadgets for the parents deep into their tech toys or those who are just looking for something more than a walkie talkie. Intricate infant watching devices have come a long way since their first design. Today, parents can expect to witness baby monitors that can be worn on their child as an adorable onesies. These monitors not only reveal to parents webcam-like images of their child but can also monitor their health. Tracking things like their kid's heartbeat, food intake and activity stats allows parents to be more aware of their child's health in-between visits to the doctor.

These modernized monitors definitely revolutionize the world of gadget babysitting.