Jakk's Baby Watch Provides Parents With an Easy Way to Care for Tiny Ones

 - Jan 13, 2012
References: buybabywatch & chipchick
With all the parenting tech out there, you'd think a wearable video baby monitor would have already been designed, but the Jakk's Baby Watch is the first of its kind. According to ChipChick, this is the first wearable video monitor system for babies.

Providing parents with a convenient and easy way to keep an eye on their small children, the Jakk's Baby Watch is a small portable color screen that you can attach to an accessory, such as a watch, belt clip or necklace. So far, there are two models: Baby Watch 1.0 and Baby Watch 2.0. Both of the Jakk's Baby Watch models are water-resistant and can operate within a 500-foot range. However, the Baby Watch 2.0 features a larger color screen, a longer battery life (12 hours versus 10 hours for the Baby Watch 1.0) and it's Wi-Fi-enabled, perfect for parents who are always on the go.