The 'Boitful' Social Telepresence Robot by Claire Delaunay Boasts Utility

 - Jul 26, 2012
References: kickstarter & freshnessmag
The 'Boitful' Social Telepresence Robot by Claire Delaunay is a handy device that allows people to connect in a groundbreaking manner from long distances.

At times, distance seems a large challenge for those meaning to stay in touch. This new device uses Skype to aid in its quest for making people seem closer. The device allows you to move the robot as you please. It is now possible to have a Skype conversation in which you look at the people you are conversing with and follow them as they move.

This creation is especially helpful in the real of baby monitoring as its ingenious design allows for a more full view of keeping a child safe. The utility of the device is strong, due to its small size and mobility.

The incorporation of web calling with a controlled device gives leeway for better communication and great practicality.