The Fabled Universal Flu Vaccine is on Its Way

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: yourlife.usatoday & gizmodo
Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to visit the doctor every year (or season, for some) for a new flu shot? Well, that possibility draws nearer as officials from the National Institutes of Health promise a universal flu vaccine is just on the horizon.

Of the 300,000 Americans hospitalized every year for flu-related symptoms, some 50,000 perish. That doesn’t need to be the case, as a universal flu vaccine is in the pipeline, which would eradicate all strains of the flu. Despite the ever-evolving nature of viruses, this new vaccine will target the structures of the virus that don’t change, killing it once and for all.

As it stands, the implications of this innovation will be extensive and pervasive. For starters, the industries that have developed in response to seasonal flu epidemics won’t last very long. As for the victims of yearly influenza, they’ll hopefully be markedly healthier and happier!