The 'SheWee' Provides Women with a Sanitary Way to Use the Washroom

 - Jul 30, 2012
References: facebook & shewee
The 'SheWee' is a plastic funnel that was created to provide women with the ability to urinate effortlessly when no washroom is to be found. Oftentimes when camping or taking long road trips, it can be a hassle for a women to urinate in the outdoors, because unlike for men, it is not so convenient. This product allows for a hygienic alternative.

The product itself comes with a protective case that fits into any purse, and it's available in a selection of colors. The concept for the 'SheWee' was conceived by Samantha Fountain while studying for her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Product Design at De Montfort University Leicester.

Not only is this product ideal for outdoor use, but it is also great for women who have trouble urinating in public washrooms due to the health risks involved with sitting on toilet seats. Hospitals and the elderly could also benefit from the convenience of this product.