From Bug Bite Relief Gadgets to Compact Cooking Kits

 - Nov 15, 2012
Sleeping in the woods with friends or family can be a big hassle without the right camping tools, which is why new ideas in this field are so plentiful. With modern design and technology leading the way, new breakthroughs have created gadgets and tent designs to help make the camping experience even more enjoyable.

To fight off those pesky insects, there’s a bug bite relief gadget for after the fact which uses mild heat to sooth the affected area. Cooking outdoors can be tricky so Kim Yo Hawn came up with ‘Two Any One’ which is essentially a stovetop that you hold in your hands. If you’re looking for something in the dark you can grab the thermal night vision camera.

Although camping is meant to bring you closer to nature, these real world camping tools can make the journey a little easier.