The Jason Lindsey Forest Photography is Reminiscent of Childhood

 - Jun 17, 2012
References: thecreativefinder
The Jason Lindsey Forest photography has been aged to capture some of those childhood at-the-lake memories that so many of us grew up with. Featuring canoes, tents, hot chocolate and adorably old-fashioned camp lights, the photography series truly captures the best aspects of camping.

Throughout the father-son fishing photos, the series truly illuminates the bonding experience. The candid shots of excited kids running back to the campgrounds with their hard-earned fish finds is a very authentic look at camping and family experiences. The photos featuring only the adults show them staying up much after the kids have all hit their sleeping bags.

All in all, the Jason Lindsey Forest photography is a genuine look at unexaggerated, de-glamorized camping that many kids and adults alike will enjoy.