The Cuissential SlickDrip Compacts Your Bean-Brewing Routine

 - Sep 5, 2012
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When I first set eyes on the handy Cuissential SlickDrip, I thought that this would be the perfect thing to bring on a camping trip, when a morning cup of Joe is just as imperative. It's no coffee machine, but this portable kitchen implement can help make the difference of an improved attitude.

Available in a vibrant red color, the contraption is made of food-safe silicone, giving it the flexibility that enables its adaptable shape. When expanded, it forms a full funnel, capable of sitting sturdily on the rim of your coffee cup and holding a paper filter and your scrumptious grind inside.

When you're not using the Cuissential SlickDrip it can be compressed into a dense disk. It can then be easily stashed inside of a backpack or stowed away in a drawer.